5 o’clock Friday

Its 5 o’clock Friday and the weekend is here! So get ready for it with a G-free drink!

A bottle of Angry Orchard crisp

Photo image courtesy of angryorchard.com

This weeks featured drink is Angry Orchard’s Crisp Apple Cider. Husband and I made a trip down to BevMo! in search of some G-free beer. I am a huge fan of hard ciders but was not sure if they were G-Free. Picking up a few different bottles I found a few labeled GLUTEN FREE! The Angry Orchard’s label caught my eye and I purchase the 6 pack for $7.49 before tax.

The taste of the cider was sweet and refreshing. It was gold in color and didn’t have a strong tart after taste as with some hard ciders. It was smooth, light, and taste pretty much just like carbonated apple juice. Really refreshing on hot summer day because its not to deep in flavor or to heavy. If your looking for something to refresh you on a hot summer day I would recommend  this cider. Or to a person that is new to drinking and doesn’t want to be over powered. But if you are looking for a bold deep taste this is not for you.

Husbands review, plain and simple, “it tastes just like juice”.


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