Slater’s 50/50 – Burgers by Design

Just got back from spending the week in San Diego! After spending the day relaxing at the beach I picked up my husband and met some of his friends at  Slater’s 50/50 – Burgers by Design. I have to say this was one of the best burger places I have ever been to. The prices were very reasonable they have a 100 bears on tap, and you can make your own burger! That’s right, I said make your own burger! They offer you a list mind blowing mouth watering choices. And best of all… they offer a gluten-free menu and serve G-free beer. I wish I could remember the name of our knowledgeable waitress. After informing her that I was allergic to gluten she quickly got me the G-free menu. She informed me that a few staff members were also gluten sensitive. After ordering my lettuce wrapped, beef, 1000 island dressing, asparagus spears, onion, egg over medium burger, I washed it all down with a gluten-free beer. The beer, New Planet Beer, was a little heavier then the cider I am use to drinking. The flavor pleasing but a little to filling for me when paired with a burger. One last thing, order the vampire dip (not in bread bowl) with veggies! You wont be sorry if you like cheese and garlic melted together in a bowl of wonderfulness. Just be sure you are comfortable breathing on the people surrounding you. 🙂

Thanks Slater’s 50/50 – Burgers by Design for being gluten friendly.



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