Nana’s Gluten Free Cookies

Nanas Cookie might just be a not so yummy treat for me. Yesterday I was in search of a little treat after large-260C93E0-0EAA-477A-9514-4A5DDF5D3C8E-ng-choc_front.jpgdinner and remember my mom bought me a Nana’s cookie. I am not normally a fan of chocolate cookies but decided to give it a shot. After opening it I took a sniff and was pleased by the sent. For me if it smells good it probably is good. Breaking a piece off I noticed how easily it crumbled. I can see this cooking getting a little messy to eat if given to little ones. I wasn’t sure what to think of the taste and texture at first. The cooking just fell apart in my mouth and was a grainy. The flavor was bland at first but after chewing it got a little better. It just wasn’t the cookie for me and my husband said it tasted like the MRE cookies from boot-camp. I’m not going to discount all of Nana’s products based on this one cookie. I plan on trying a few more of their products but won’t purchase this chocolate cookie again. But thank you Nana’s for making G-free items to try.


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