Kick off to 4th of July

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I feel like the next few days are going to be a big adventure for me in the world of gluten. It all kicks off tomorrow at my grandparents house. My whole family is heading over to my grandpa’s house to celebrate his 83rd birthday. I am lucky to say my grandpa, who I love so much, is still in very good health. A summer bar-b-q of burgers, hotdogs, salads, and other treats will be on the menu. Now, I know I can buy G-free burger/hotdog buns but I wont be home the rest of the week, so I’ll wait to try those. My sister had pinned, on Pinterest, a cabbage dish from GreenLiteBites and suggested I try it. I just have to remember to bring my G-free Worcestershire sauce and to watch out from cross-contamination in the kitchen. So, that is the kick off to my 4th of July celebrations!

Next on the list… family fun in San Diego! We’re heading down for the remainder of the week and weekend to beautiful San Diego. Planning a few beach days and plenty of eating on the go. Filippi’s Pizza Grotto and Cafe Coyote are two of the favorite places we love to visit. Filippi’s Pizza Grotto, an Italian, restaurant will be a big time test. This will be my first trip back as a G-free individual. I’ll probably order the yummy anti-pasta salad and watch my family eat their delicious pizza.

Cafe Coyote is a Mexican restaurant so I might have a chance at eating a bit more there. My sis, who is full of wonderful ideas, said I could bring my own G-free corn tortilla chips to eat with the salsa. And to be sure to use a different salsa from the flour chips. I don’t know how gluten sensitive I am since I’m just starting out; so this is all trial and error. But since I will be on vacation I would like to stay away from cross-contamination to avoid a flare up.

I made a stop today at my local Trader Joe’s to pick up a few snacks, salad dressing, and rice cakes. I hope these and some fresh fruit and veggies will hold me over in the way of snacks. So, this will be my first big G-free week on the go. I will be checking for travel tips from some of the sites I posted in my Links section. Wish me luck and happy Independence Day!


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