Where has the time gone?

Once summer came it seems like time just zoomed past me. I have been meaning to update with some posts every week and well one thing or another kept me from my computer. So, here is a quick update…

Since leaving my 4th of July vacation in San Diego I have gotten a little more comfortable with my G- free lifestyle. With pleanty of help from my husband and family cooking as gotten much better. But keeping the G-free sterile field has been tricky with little miskates contaminating a whole meal. My wonderful sister made fabulous turkey burgers from scratch only to have my mom stick a regular bun on mine. But everything is trial and error and these types for mistakes are bound to happen. I don’t feel as limited as I did at first but restaurants are still a challenge. About 75% of the time I am still getting, what I like to call, infected at restruants. Salads and grilled fish always are a safe order for me. But I still always double check with the server that there is no gluten in the product in the dish. Sometime I get looked like I am a weirdo if asked to bag wheat products separate from my food or like a picky eater. But I am getting use to the weird looks and I try to ask the least amount of questions that will get the most information. Or I look up the menu before I go to the restaurants to see if they have a few choices for me.

Being G-free is not that bad… until it comes to pizza. I could write for days on my love of pizza. My husband was stationed in Chicago about two years ago and I tasted the best pizza of my life. The pizza from Giordanos is unlike anything I had every tasted before and sadly, probably, will never taste again. But at the time of my eating the pizza I had no clue about my wheat allergy so I enjoyed it guilt free. I know there are a few places that serve G-free pizza but it truly is not the same. And I know that one day I will get use to the G-free pizza and my taste buds will adapt. But for now this is the hardest food item to cut from my diet. The problem I have had with most G-free pizzas is that the middle of the pizza doesn’t hold up well. It always has a soft mushy middle and not firm like most pizza. The crust or top part of the pizza is better so I usually eat that and leave the middle. It sounds totally dumb but I have broke out into tears, small tears, over not being able to eat pizza. I don’t crave bread or pasta at all and can easily watch someone eat that in front of me. And I know it is very unhealthy for my body but leaving me alone with a slice of pizza… well I just can’t be trusted. So I am still on the hunt for the best gluten free pizza of my life.

Now that I have that off my chest I will be updating with adventures and recipes from this past summer. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer!



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