Celiac and Me

After waiting months (due to a busy schedule) I finally went in for my test results. And it turns out I don’t just have a gluten allergy but (drum roll please) Celiac Disease.  After reviewing different sites, checking into symptoms, and what my body has been going through, I had a pretty good idea I would be joining the percentage of people with Celiac. So this was not a shock for me. When having a gluten allergy or Celiac Disease the treatment is similar. NO GLUTEN. The difference between the allergy and disease is that Celiac is an autoimmune disease. The problem is my body is attacking itself. So, here I am with Celiac Disease and still gluten-free.

My doc prescribed me a variety of vitamins, a probiotic, and a gluten-free diet. EPA, DHA, malabsorption, deficiency, nutrients, autoantibodies, villa, intestines, vitamins, and gut were some of the words being crammed into my head. After reviewing everything I had clear idea of what was going on in my gut. What a mess! But on the bright side… I am still here alive and kicking! I have to go back in six months for more test to see if my vitamin’s have improved.

I walked out of the doc’s office singing, lyrics to a Puff Daddy song, “Can’t nobody hold me down… ohh no, I got to keep on movin” in my head. And moving I went… to the health food store.

Lesson learned: Don’t wait forever to get test results back! I will not be making this mistake again… EVER!


4 thoughts on “Celiac and Me

  1. I’m going through the same my Dr hasn’t given me any vitamins just told me no wheat, corn, gluten over the phone. IDK I’m also a military spouse I’m 25 and in very active with school and workouts and such. Did you have to buy all new utensils or no? Do you cook regular food for your husband too?

    • Hey there Jasmine, and welcome to the club! 🙂 My doc prescribed me vitamins because mine were so low. He is also a holistic doc along with a licenced medical physician. He strongly believes in natural healing through foods and vitamins. I take the probiotics to heal heal my gut. I would go back in to see your doc about your results and if you need any vitamins.

      I did tossed out my wooden and plastic bowls or utenclis. Keeping my stainless steal ones and pans. I just sterilized everything a million times. And tossed out anything else I didnt feel comfortable with. (Dish towls, sponges, glasses)

      As for my husband… I cook only gluten free for him. It was really hard trying to do both. I tried and ended up infecting myself a few times. The bottom shelf of our cabnet is for his gluten items (like cookies, bars, snacks) that he packs for work and never eats in the house. And when he eats gluten he brushes his teeth before kissing me. (TMI but got to watch out for crumbs in his mouth). And suprising but lipstick also has gluten in it. Im just checking that myself. I hope this all helped you. Please feel free to post or email me with any questions. 🙂

      Take care!

      Where ya stationed? I also love to workout and crazy about reading.

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