Date Night Disneyland

Gluten Free Friendly at Disney’s California Adventure

Since my husband had the day off yesterday from work we decided to take a little trip over to The Happiest Place On Earth, Disneyland! He and I were very excited to check out the new Cars Land inside of California Adventure. In high hopes that it would not be too crowded we first made our way to City Hall inside of Disneyland. My aunt, who works at the Disneyland Hotel, suggested my going and ask for the Celiac Menu. After speaking to John, information employee, he handed me a 4 page booklet of all the G-free items throughout both parks and hotels (@DCAToday informed me you can also obtain this menu at Chamber of Commerce inside California Adventure).  My husband and I were impressed with the variety from blueberry muffins, ice cream, waffles, burgers, and hotdogs available. He, not being G-sensitive, was interested in trying the muffins and brownies to see if they taste as good. We often share treats and neither he or I want to miss out on flavor. I had my eyes on the pizza, since it is a favorite! So, before heading to Cars Land we went to Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta. I ordered the G-free pepperoni pizza and was asked to wait 15 minutes for them to make it. Not to long after my pizza was ready, hot, and smelt good! After letting it cool a bit it was time for us to dig in and taste. The crust was very crispy and tastes like normal pizza. The only thing that was a little off was the bottom of the pizza. It was a little soft for me and might need to be cooked a bit longer. But all in all it was tasty and my husband also enjoyed it. With full and happy tummies off to Cars Land we went! I can’t wait to go back and try some more treats.

G-Free pizza from California Adventure, Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta Restaurant.


5 o’clock Friday

Its 5 o’clock Friday and the weekend is here! So get ready for it with a G-free drink!

A bottle of Angry Orchard crisp

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This weeks featured drink is Angry Orchard’s Crisp Apple Cider. Husband and I made a trip down to BevMo! in search of some G-free beer. I am a huge fan of hard ciders but was not sure if they were G-Free. Picking up a few different bottles I found a few labeled GLUTEN FREE! The Angry Orchard’s label caught my eye and I purchase the 6 pack for $7.49 before tax.

The taste of the cider was sweet and refreshing. It was gold in color and didn’t have a strong tart after taste as with some hard ciders. It was smooth, light, and taste pretty much just like carbonated apple juice. Really refreshing on hot summer day because its not to deep in flavor or to heavy. If your looking for something to refresh you on a hot summer day I would recommend  this cider. Or to a person that is new to drinking and doesn’t want to be over powered. But if you are looking for a bold deep taste this is not for you.

Husbands review, plain and simple, “it tastes just like juice”.

Slater’s 50/50 – Burgers by Design

Just got back from spending the week in San Diego! After spending the day relaxing at the beach I picked up my husband and met some of his friends at  Slater’s 50/50 – Burgers by Design. I have to say this was one of the best burger places I have ever been to. The prices were very reasonable they have a 100 bears on tap, and you can make your own burger! That’s right, I said make your own burger! They offer you a list mind blowing mouth watering choices. And best of all… they offer a gluten-free menu and serve G-free beer. I wish I could remember the name of our knowledgeable waitress. After informing her that I was allergic to gluten she quickly got me the G-free menu. She informed me that a few staff members were also gluten sensitive. After ordering my lettuce wrapped, beef, 1000 island dressing, asparagus spears, onion, egg over medium burger, I washed it all down with a gluten-free beer. The beer, New Planet Beer, was a little heavier then the cider I am use to drinking. The flavor pleasing but a little to filling for me when paired with a burger. One last thing, order the vampire dip (not in bread bowl) with veggies! You wont be sorry if you like cheese and garlic melted together in a bowl of wonderfulness. Just be sure you are comfortable breathing on the people surrounding you. 🙂

Thanks Slater’s 50/50 – Burgers by Design for being gluten friendly.